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Seminars and Workshops

Our starting point at CCDL is that all congregations, wherever they are situated, are living through a time of social and cultural transition.  Through our seminars and workshops, we assist in developing fresh competencies among church leaders to meet the challenge of adapting to the changed times in which we live.  We also seek to encourage a shift in our understandings of the task and role of church leaders.

Seminars are usually restricted in size to enable maximum interaction between seminar leaders and participants, and among the participants themselves.  Speakers offer insights, tools and perspectives that are focused on the real issues of leadership for congregational life today.

Past seminar leaders have included Anthony B. Robinson (Transforming Congregational Culture & Changing the Conversation), Janet Cawley (Who Is My Church), Patty Evans (Leadership & Authority), Gary Redcliffe (Family Systems Thinking for Congregational Leaders), Paul Maclean (The Spiritual Dimension of leadership), Andrew Reesor-McDowell (Making Meetings Work - Basic Faciliation Tools for Leaders), Norm & Bonnie Greene (Riding the Godwave- Leading Your Church in Whitewater Times), and Anthony B. Robinson (Behold I Do a New Thing - Congregational Leadership for New Life). 

Upcoming Seminars

"Amalgamations Learning Circle": This five session distance learning course, offered in collaboration with the national "United in Learning" program, has ended. Led by Ron Ewart and Janet Marshall the course focused on the four major stages of preparing for and living into a congregational amalgamation. Video recordings of the sessions are available upon request. Contact Ron Ewart ( or Ali Hayes (

"Creating Sustainable Missional Ministries": This program, designed for congregational teams, is led by Eric Law. The program offers a holistic vision for congregational vitality and support to live out this vision in your context. Teams will build a six-month action plan to become a missional and sustainable congregation. Details and application form.

For upcoming Seminars, visit this website often. For more details, contact Janet Marshall at or at 905-771-5124 / 1-800-235-8822 ext 25.


The Toronto United Church Council works with the church community to connect resources with ministry. Offering access to professional advice, financial support and leadership development, Council helps our church address the social and spiritual challenges of the day.