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Vincent Alfano Fund

Vince AlfanoA Commitment to the Future of Our Church

The Vincent Alfano Fund will make a tangible contribution to the development of church leaders, providing opportunities for them to gain practical experience in helping congregations reach out to diverse communities and, in turn, learn fresh ways to respond to them with God’s love.

The new fund will contribute financial support to student ministers undertaking internships with congregations in Toronto Conference. During their program, interns will focus on connecting with the culturally and ethnically diverse communities surrounding their congregations. By creating opportunities to intentionally study and practice the mission dimension of ministry, the fund will support both church and leadership development.

The focus on community engagement outside congregational membership, will enliven and renew our church with the ideas, spiritual strength and commitment to serve the emerging constituencies of our ever changing society.

20 Years of Visionary Leadership

The Vincent Alfano Fund was established in recognition of Vince’s lifelong commitment to the development of our church’s next generation of leadership. During his 20 year tenure as Council’s Executive Director, Vince exercised his creativity to enable the United Church within Toronto Conference to act upon its faith-based compassion and care for the world.

The congregational ministries, social ministries, and youth ministries of the church within Toronto Conference have benefitted greatly from Vince’s leadership.

You can make a donation to the Vincent Alfano fund here.

Click here for a brochure outlining the purpose of the fund. Please print and share it with your friends.

Apply to Receive a Grant from the Fund

The annual income of the Fund will be used to support a Toronto Conference congregation offering an internship, or to support individuals who are undertaking self-designed internships that meet the guidelines as outlined in the Vincent Alfano Fund Application Guidelines.

Application forms can be downloaded below:

Friends write...

“He gave the church planting community so much effort and inspiration and kept the vision of church growth alive when much of the rest of the church seemed to want to die out.”
- Norman Greene

“Like so many, we all counted on, and appreciated, his work in finance - particularly stewardship - in the national office. But mostly we will always associate him with his exemplary leadership of the TUCC.  Faithful, dependable, approachable - Vince represented the best heart of the United Church. His ministry through changing times left our church steadier, and encouraged to move forward...God blessed us, and blesses us, through Vince Alfano, and will hold us as we go on. Thanks be to God.” 
- Joyce Kelly & Bruce McLeod

“I feel fortunate to have had the privilege of working with Vince, who engendered such enormous respect and admiration among all his colleagues and associates. His legacy is rich indeed.”
- Brian Heinmiller

The world has lost a kindly man, who always treated others with respect. I shall always be grateful to him for the opportunity to start my working life.
- Jennifer Gordon 


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