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Council Owned Properties

The following is a list of Toronto United Church Council owned properties, our role in each one, and the work carried out by our tenant partners.

Hillcrest Lodge, 86 Cedar Street, Orillia

This 1.02 acre property was operated as a private hospital and long-term care facility prior to 1955 when the property was donated to United Church’s Hillcrest Lodge Corporation to continue the operation of the long-term care activities.  The Corporation operated it as such from 1968 to 1992.  Thereafter, the property was leased first to a seniors’ home operator and later to Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital.

Council assumed ownership of the site in 2002 and, under the enthusiastic and competent leadership of a revitalized Hillcrest Lodge Corporation, converted the building to a not-for-profit 31 unit home for hard-to-house and homeless seniors.  It reopened in June 2008 and continues to be fully occupied.  Hillcrest Lodge Corporation holds, operates and manages the facility under a long-term lease from Council.

40 Oak Street, Toronto - The Toronto Christian Resource Centre

This property, located in the heart of Regent Park, has been leased to the Toronto Christian Resource Centre since 1952.  From its beginning, the CRC has delivered services and programs from the building for Regent Park residents and the homeless in that part of the City.

The CRC’s traditional role of ensuring social justice issues are addressed for the people of Regent Park is expanding within the major community redevelopment being undertaken by the City of Toronto.  The former building (left) has been replaced with a new larger facility (right) which includes a Community Hub for social services and grass roots organizations and 87 affordable housing units. 

This project was funded by the CRC and its many contributors and private and public partners. Major construction financing came from the City of Toronto and the housing component will be managed by Dixon Hall.  Council’s contribution of the land through a long-term lease made this a viable and exciting project for CRC and The United Church of Canada.  You are invited to look through the several hundred excellent photos in the collection at 40 Oaks Photo Gallery.

Community Homes at Mortimer, Toronto

Community Homes at MortimerLocated at 704 Mortimer Ave. at Woodbine Ave. in East York, Council’s Community Housing building is leased to and managed by Fred Victor Centre.  With 29 units and 59 tenants, including children, it is an affordable housing community where rent is geared to income.  Fred Victor Centre staff collects rents, provides maintenance and janitorial services, coordinates the completion of maintenance orders, and helps tenants find information about other social services and community supports.


Malvern Emmanuel United Church, ScarboroughMalvern Emmanuel United Church

Malvern Emmanuel United Church is located at 25 Sewell’s Road at Brenyon Way in the heart of the Malvern community in Scarborough.  Located immediately across the street from the Malvern Community Centre and Library, this church building is part of the cluster of facilities that provides programs and services to the neighbourhood’s 44,300 residents.  The United Church congregation and outreach ministry, together with other faith and service groups, call the building their home.

Malvern Historic Cemetery, Scarborough

Malvern Primitive MethodistThis historic cemetery is located on the east side of Markham Rd. just north of Sheppard Ave.  The cemetery property was once also the site of the Malvern Primitive Methodist Church built in 1864.  Demolished in the 1970’s, the wainscoting and flooring from the church were reused on the interior of the Kennedy Discovery Gallery at the Scarborough Historical Museum.  Council took over the title and care of the cemetery when the local Presbytery was not capable of carrying out its role as steward of this United Church heritage property.

501 Logan Ave., Toronto

This large house located near the intersection of Logan Ave. and Gerrard St. in east Toronto is operated as a 10-room boarding house in partnership with The Toronto Christian Resource Centre and The City of Toronto.  At a time when the number of boarding houses in Toronto is declining, this well-run facility shows this type of unique housing has a place in ending homelessness.

Church sites in Barrie and Orangeville

Council owns vacant properties in Barrie (Painswick) and Orangeville which were purchased in anticipation of new church development.  Acquired under previous covenant arrangements with Toronto Conference, the necessity and ownership of these sites is now being reviewed recognizing the new mandates of the Presbyteries for church development activities.

Toronto Conference Camp Sites

The four Toronto Conference camp sites located near Bracebridge, Orillia, Midland and Port Perry are owned by Council and operated by independent camp corporations.  In total, the properties encompass 750 acres.  For full information on the camps, see our Camping In Toronto Conference page.

24 – 30 Wertheim Court, Richmond Hill

The administrative center, library, and meeting rooms of Council are located in this office complex located near Highway 7 and Leslie St. in Richmond Hill.  The building is two-floors and surrounded with ample parking for staff, visitors and meeting participants.



The Toronto United Church Council works with the church community to connect resources with ministry. Offering access to professional advice, financial support and leadership development, Council helps our church address the social and spiritual challenges of the day.